Family-of-six forced to eat on floor and sleep on same mattress - Leicestershire Live

2022-05-13 23:08:34 By : Mr. Wellcare Alex

Their home isn't fit for purpose, they claim

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An army of rodent intruders have forced a family to eat and sleep on the same mattress. They say the bathroom leaks five times a week but the council won’t help.

Mum Falhado Eders, 32, says she shares a mattress with her husband and their four children due to an infestation of mice - which she says are 'everywhere' in their Hull home.

She has kids ranging from seven months to 12 years old and told HullLive: "It is just a nightmare. I try to keep the flat clean but it is just impossible."

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The family have been in the UK nine years. Falhado said: "At first all the damp started to come through the walls and then mice started appearing from random holes around the flat. It was just disgusting."

Son Yussuf added: "Mice are just running around everywhere. We have tried to put mice traps but there are too many of them. We even found them on our bed."

"I don’t want my children to feel left out so I cook everything for them and we eat on the floor in the living room," Falhaldo said "Me and my kids cannot breathe in the bedroom as the damp is everywhere. It would be better if we slept outside - at least we wouldn't have to breathe this dirt in.

"I get so afraid the mice will bite my baby at night. We have not slept well in a long time and it breaks my heart to see my kids suffering like this."