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From comfiest pillows to silkiest sleep masks, check out what you can use to sleep better

Time flies from one hectic day to the next, and before you know it, you’ve clocked only but a handful hours of sleep. With nights becoming increasingly shorter, now’s the time to invest in essentials that will give you restful sleep. We browsed Amazon and compiled a list of sleeping aids, such as gel-infused mattress and melatonin gummies, for those looking to improve their sleep quality. Don't forget! For prompt, next-day delivery, become a Prime member.

Even if you’re squeezing in less than seven hours of sleep, make sure you do it in a comfortable bed. Does your current mattress support your back, shoulders and neck? Sweetnight’s gel-infused mattress has three firmness levels to cater to different sleeping preferences. If you like your mattress soft, sleep on the side padded with cooling gel memory foam, which also keeps you from getting too warm at night. Flip the mattress and you have the high-density foam on the other side for those who prefer a firmer feeling. The foam is meant to conform to your body shape, relieving back and shoulder pain.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty.

Neck cramps are a common complaint when the pillow is not a right fit. We picked a pair of Viewstar cotton pillows that are filled with 3D gel fiber and microfibre to mimic the softness of goose down. Since these are hypoallergenic, the pillows are a great choice for those who suffer from allergies. Don’t hesitate to machine wash because the stuffing will not lump, remaining fluffy even after multiple washes. Plus, say goodbye to night sweats – reviewers say the pillows keep their heads cool and from sinking with sufficient support.

While you’re at it, switch out your comforter for a luxurious bed set. CozyLux’s three-piece grey set is made with double-brushed microfiber, which makes the fabric soft and breathable. Throughout the night, the comforter and pillow covers keep comfortably dry all night. It’s ideal for warmer summer nights, since reviewers love how lightweight the comforter feels unlike heavy covers that apply unnecessary pressure. All pieces are machine-washable.

Sensitive sleepers often benefit from light-blocking aids like a sleep mask, despite having thick blinds. Try Alaska Bear’s pull on eye mask made of mulberry silk, with a head strap expandable up to 27.6 inches. Cool to touch, the silk allows sufficient airflow, preventing excess heat from being trapped between the mask and your eyes. If daytime napping is part of your Ramadan routine, then the eyeshade is definitely going to come in handy. Rave reviews say people achieved total blackout with no peripheral light creeping in, and it’s lightweight enough for you to forget that you have it on.

Out of all essential oils, lavender is touted for a good night’s rest. Inhaling its fragrance is believed to relax the body enough to wade off anxiety. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to a diffuser before bed and you’re good to go. Our pick is Sworway’s contemporary diffuser that doubles as décor for the room. With the ability to double as a lamp, the diffuser has seven light settings, and it can function as a mist diffuser humidifier, atomiser, and air freshener. What’s more, your device comes with six bottles of essential oils to get you started immediately. For more diffuser options, browse this list.

Do you suffer from stuffy nasal passages, dry cough and an even drier throat when sleeping? Air-conditioners tend to dry out moisture from the surrounding air, sometimes disrupting your sleep in the middle of the night. Turn on Levoit’s 2.4-litre humidifier for the bedroom or the whole house; at under 21 decibels, the humidifier works quieter than a whisper. Not only does it help prevent dry eyes, but your skin will feel moisturised when you wake up. This device keeps your furniture and floors dry because it releases super-fine mist that doesn’t sink. You can even turn on a soft night light to keep you company for when you’re reciting the Quran or praying. For more options, check out this list of humidifiers and air purifiers.

Give yourself a few minutes at the end of the day with Renpho’s eye massager, which reviewers say improved their sleep, puffy eyes and eye strain. Together with compression, heat and vibration, the device applies trigger point therapy, kneading and massaging around the eyes using two acupressure motors. Built-in heating pads work to relieve eye fatigue and dry eyes from looking at screens for long periods of time. After every use, simply connect the massager to your laptop, phone adapter or power bank using the included USB cable to charge it.

Berry-flavoured sleep vitamins by Sugarbear are not your regular vitamins – they’re vegan, chewy, sweet and organic. Each gummy bear in this three-month supply is fortified with the hormone melatonin, which is naturally produced by the brain to promote sleep at night. According to reviews, people found that they slept more restfully and woke up more refreshed in the mornings.

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